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Many homeowners have had to deal with losing a tree in their yard, and whether it was to disease or storm damage, the stump is often left behind rather than removed. While having a stump in your yard may seem like no big deal, it can in fact cause a few different issues in your yard.

  • They can make lawn care more difficult.

Depending on where your stump is located, you may have to work around it each time you trim your grass or remove weeds. And if your stump is pretty close to the ground, you’ll need to take extra care in ensuring you don’t accidentally hit it with your mower blades, which can not only dull them but sometimes even cause damage to the blades.

  • They are unsightly.

Stumps don’t exactly contribute to the overall appearance of your yard. In fact, many people consider stumps to be eyesores, especially if the rest of your yard is well-manicured. While the stump may not bother you, it can turn off potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

  • They take up yard space.

If you’re looking to add additional features to your yard, such as a garden bed or play area for the kids, you’ll have to work around your tree stump. If you have a small yard, this can be especially troublesome.

  • They can encourage invasive new growth.

Certain species of plants and trees like to grow in and around dead tree stumps. There are also types of mushrooms that grow on stumps, which can be poisonous and pose a danger to both small children and pets. All of these types of plants can be difficult to remove as they will regrow if you just cut them off. Instead, a chemical treatment will be required to eradicate them completely, which can be costly.

  • They can attract insects.

Tree stumps will eventually decompose in place, but this process can take decades depending on the type of wood they’re made of. In the meantime, the stump is the perfect home to a bevvy of different insects. While many of these aren’t harmful, that can’t be said of two of their most popular residents, carpenter ants and termites. Once one of these two make a home in your tree stump, they can pose a threat to your home or other wooden structures, causing significant damage and requiring expensive removal treatments.

  • They can be a hazard.

Besides the problem of stumps attracting unwanted plants and insects, they can also be a hazard to both your family and your visitors. They can be a tripping hazard, especially for small children. They can break lawn care equipment if you aren’t careful while trimming around them. And, if someone is visiting your home and sustains an injury from falling because of the stump, you can be held personally liable.

The best way to deal with stumps is to have them removed at the same time the tree is. For remaining stumps, however, there are still two removal options: they can be ground down, or removed entirely. Both are tasks best left to professionals to ensure they are done safely and correctly.

If you have an old stump you’d like to have removed, give us a call to set up an appointment for a free estimate. We’ll discuss your options with you, and give you a written estimate for the work. You can trust our years of experience to get the job done right.