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Right now is the best time to focus on giving your trees a good trim. Why? Snow and ice can cause issues with trees that are now structurally sound. As your trees drop their leaves, it is easier for us to see any issues it might have. We can check for defects, dead or weak branches, and fungal growth. If the branch system isn’t strong, or if we notice a lot of weak branches, this could make the tree more susceptible to damage from winter weather.

Why Trim Trees?

Left to grow on their own, trees can grow often without any issues. But this isn’t always the case. Trees should be trimmed for many different reasons beyond just making it look good. Trimming helps your trees meet their full potential by growing in a way that is healthy and safe. Trimming focuses on removing dead, dying, or diseased branches from your trees. It also allows us to help open the canopy, which lets the right amount of light and air get to the entire tree. This helps maximize foliage and decrease the risk of diseases. On the ground, trimming has other benefits. Suckers and water sprouts weaken your tree by stealing nutrients. Removing these helps the overall health of the tree by strengthening the good, strong growth. This helps us ensure you will have less breakage from storms and strong winds.

Why Fall is the Best Time for Trimming

In order to make sure your tree is ready to survive another winter, we can take a look to address any issues that may be going on. Some of the things that we check for includes:

  • Branch decay and deadwood
  • Fungal growth or oozing sap
  • Unusual cracking in the bark
  • Splitting branches from storm damage or wind damage
  • Insect or disease affected branches
  • Hanging branches
  • Two branches originating from the same stem or crossing branches

A winter with a lot of snow and ice can cause a significant amount of damage to even the healthiest of trees. But if we notice one or more of these problems, we can address it now to give your tree the best chances of surviving with little to no damage.

We hope that this blog has helped you to learn more about the importance of fall tree trimming. If you need further advice or are ready to book your tree trimming appointment, give us a call anytime! / 402.466.0160

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